Save money with this fantastic discount card


The Bay Discount Card is set to launch in November 2016, this new discount card will enable all of us to get the great products that are produced and sold all throughout the bay area, at better prices. Businesses can sign up to advertise themselves absolutely FREE!!!

Bay Discount Card will offer great savings, it will allow you to save money on services you already enjoy, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel just changing the tread! So if you want savings in Morecambe, Discounts in Kendal, money off in Barrow or maybe vouchers in Lancaster. These are just a few examples of what you will get.

There will also be some great days out and experiences that you can save money on with the Bay Discount Card so dont hang back, get one ordered and start seeing the benefits.

Ok so you've heard enough now! You know a great product when you see one and now all you want to do is own one and start reaping the rewards. Just click on the image opposite and you will be taken to the payment screen. Once order you should recieve your new discount card within 3 days


Advertise with us for FREE

Every month we will publish and distribute a fully loaded e-magazine, this will list businesses by sector/industry and there offer of discount. Businesses can update this on a monthly basis free of charge. Meaning if they have seasonal offers or one off sales they can keep it fresh on their advert and we make sure that it reaches all card holders monthly, plus we will put links to the monthly e- magazine all over social media. Great exposure every single month.

We aim to head into the Fylde coast in the new year too!!! So Businesses of Blackpool and Preston get in touch